In May of 2018 Seth Zaharias (Owner Cliffhanger Guides) was contacted by a VIP guest asking for an all-frills wedding engagement high up on the wall at Lake Tahoe’s infamous Lovers Leap. This is the stuff Seth lives for. Seth Immediately teamed up with Petch from Lovers Leap Guides and the project began to come to life…After much scouring of the Internet Seth finally found a classically trained violist with solid climbing skills who was willing to play a set nearly 700 off the ground. Local porters were hired, much food and wine were purchased, and the very talented Phillip Kaake (cinematographer) was brought in to document this strange elevated proposal…. All said and done, 7 of us cried our eyes out while Adam and Shannon agreed to spend the rest of there lives together while standing on a small ledge way of the deck. Please check out our short video below and give us a YouTube like if you think its worthy!
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