Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Adventures

(October 1st to May 1st)

With its perfect weather, breathtaking views, and rock as far as the eye can see, no trip to ‘J-Tree’ would be complete without exploring the vertical world of the unique Mojave Desert landscape. Our Joshua Tree rock climbing adventures are of unparalleled quality and our dedication to safety, customized personal adventure, joy and good humor set us far apart from the average rock climbing guide service.

2  Joshua Tree Climbing Adventures to Choose From 

We offer two different options for climbing adventures in Joshua Tree National Park, the 1/2 day adventure or the full day adventure. All of our trips are custom private affairs. All equipment, private instruction, gourmet lunch, tall tales, and guaranteed good times are included. To book a trip we ask for a 40% deposit and the remainder is due post-adventure upon complete satisfaction. We look forward to helping you plan the ultimate Joshua Tree rock-climbing adventure.

How to Book a Cliffhanger Guides Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Adventure

We at Cliffhanger Guides very intentionally do not have an automated online booking system.

Please send us an email or call us so we can discuss your trip and make sure we have the perfect guide available

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The Cliffhanger ½ day:

Our ½ days are 5 hours in duration. All rock climbing equipment (as needed), private instruction (we don’t mix groups!), tall tales, and a gourmet picnic lunch is included. Climber to guide max ratio is 4 to 1. 

  Our ½ day is perfect for the 1st time climber, families with young children, the transitioning climber from the gym to outdoor rock climbing, those that want more than one adventure in the park in a day, the commitment-averse, or those on a tight time schedule. Expect to climb 3 to 7 routes depending on route difficulty, length, personal motivation, etc. 

Transportation to and from the park is NOT included. Please see the table below for pricing.

The Cliffhanger Full Day:

Our full days are 8 hours in duration. All rock climbing equipment (as needed), private instruction (we don’t mix groups!), tall tales, and a gourmet picnic lunch is included. Climber to guide max ratio is 4 to 1.
We typically meet at 8 am and climb until near dark or you say uncle… These are big high adventure days perfect for climbers looking to climb loads of pitches, the climber that prefers a relaxed pace with no need for clocks, folks that have the inclination to see more remote areas of the park and travel the road less traveled, the seasoned climber that wants to climb it all, and for those learning technical systems for anchoring, leading, or self-rescue techniques. If you would like to spend some time off the ground in a multi-pitch environment, the Cliffhanger Full Day is for you!

Highly Customized Guided Rock Climbing Adventures

Cliffhanger Guides offers rock climbing adventures that are perfect for everyone from first timers to experienced climbers.

A Family Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree parkIf you want your first time climbing to be a fun-filled, safe, and exciting adventure, we are your people.

If you are a gym climber transitioning to the intimidating world of outdoor climbing, let us be your guides.

If you want to go from sport climbing to traditional and learn to set up complex anchors, there is no one better than us to help you build proficiency, judgement, and self-reliance.

Whatever rock climbing skill you desire to learn, we are here to help. In all of our trips, we will keep you safe, help you build skills and confidence, and show you a darn good time in the process. We are excited to share the wonders of Joshua Tree National Park with you, one of the most sought-after rock climbing destinations in the world.

Cliffhanger Guides provides highly customized guided rock climbing adventures, PCGI Guide Training courses, and guaranteed good times in the magical realm of Joshua Tree National Park.

We are incredibly proud of the wonderful little company we’ve built and we are certain that we have the finest staff, provide the best climbing experience and customer service of any company operating out of Joshua Tree National Park.

You are welcome to call any of the other companies that operate here, but time and time again, our guests tell us that there is no comparison.

It has to be Cliffhanger.


Rock Climbing Equipment

We proudly feature Red Chili shoes, clean and in good condition; DMM and Wild Country harnesses; and clean modern helmets.

Gourmet Picnic Lunch

Carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free…Let us know! We are proud of the lunches we provide and are confident we can meet your dietary needs!

Private Instruction

All trips are private, we do NOT mix groups…Combine that with our low guest-to-guide ratio and feel confident you’ll get what you need out of the day!


Tall Tales

All of our guides are long-term locals who are familiar with the flora and fauna and have a wealth of knowledge of local lore and custom.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never been rock climbing before. Will I be ok on a guided tour?
Absolutely!  In fact, many of our guided tours are geared for first time climbers.  Our professional guides have worked with all levels of abilities and will cater to your specific needs.  We have a vast number of rock to climb here in Joshua Tree, from easy to extremely difficult.  Don’t worry, we will not put you in a dangerous situation. We WILL put you in fun situations that you never imagined you could do.
I'm an experienced rock climber. Will this be challenging enough for me?

We are sure you will be as challenged as you would like to be.  Our professional guides have a lot of experience and are a good judge of people’s abilities through both talking with you and watching you climb.  If you are looking for a challenging day, we can definitiely accomodate you.

If there are others in your group, just make sure they are up for the challenge as well as we will all be climbing the same areas.

Do I need to bring equipment?
It is not necessary to bring any of your own equipment.  We supply you with all the equipment you need.
Should I bring lunch?

Only if a gourmet lunch fully provided for you doesn’t sound great.

Please let us know if you, or anyone in your group has any special dietary needs or has allergies to any food.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.
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