Avery landed in Joshua Tree and began working for Cliffhanger Guides in 2019 as the full time office admin. With over 7 years of experience working in the recreation industry and in the small business realm, she loves facilitating unforgettable experiences for people, building community, and nerding out on business logistics. An avid climber herself, working with the Cliffhanger Guides team has been a natural fit. When she’s not organizing trips behind the scenes, you can probably catch her climbing in the park. Whether she’s underneath a boulder, clipping bolts, or placing gear is of no consequence to her – she loves it all! Like all of the Cliffhanger team, Avery enjoys traveling and sampling amazing climbing areas across the country and the world. She’s climbed in Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, California, Nevada, and most recently took a trip to Mexico. She always keeps an eye on the horizon for new places to visit, people to meet, and adventures to live out. On rainy days Avery likes to curl up in bed with her cat, Percy, and binge watch anime. She’s a music festival junkie, board/card game fanatic, and seeker of exotic foods (the spicier, the better). 

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