Seth Heydon Zaharias

My Name is Seth Heydon Zaharias. I have been lucky enough to call Joshua Tree my home and community since 2000. I live there with my amazing wife, partner, and best friend, Sabra Purdy at the internationally famous destination, The Sethspool. I was first introduced to the sport of rock climbing in 1990. I loved it!!!!! The adventure, the chess game of working out a sequence of moves, the exhilaration of a highly physical day in the mountains, the open community–almost immediately I was hooked.

By 21, I knew that I wanted to work in the field of outdoor education. Over the years I have worked for many different schools, programs, and guide services. 20+ years later I have approximately 2500 guide days and counting. If you think about it, that translates to almost 7 full years of working with people on the rock every single day! I have worked in a whole bunch of different climbing areas including Joshua Tree, the Eastern Sierras, Devils Tower National Monument, El Choro, Spain, Montana and beyond. In 2002 I spent a summer working for the elite Yosemite Search and Rescue team. I am also a Professional Climbing Guides Institute certified Multi-pitch Guide and Mentor. This means that I have completed the highest level of training that the PCGI offers and teach new and aspiring guides the highly challenging trade of professional rock guiding. You would have to work very hard to find a more dedicated or experienced guide than me.

I chose this profession because it is more than just a job. It is a lifestyle that I have immersed myself in completely. I love guiding because on a day-to-day basis, I never know who is going to walk into my life and what lifelong friendships may be forged. I get to introduce people to the most important thing (besides my wife) that ever happened to me and show them the wonders that an outdoor life can provide. People spend their vacations with me! I am truly thankful for this. I do my utmost to show my clients the most amazing adventure I can offer. I am not just some tour guide, I have dedicated my entire life to helping people experience the best vacations possible!

For tall tales of high adventure, you will have to ask in person and I will make you buckle over laughing and gasp in fear with absurd escapades and feats of strength and courage. When you hire me, I give you my word I will work hard to help you realize your goals. I look forward to meeting you, learning something from you and sharing my love of rock climbing!!

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