Stephen Roriston
Steven Roriston

Stephen Roriston was born and raised in New Jersey and found his love for climbing 9 years ago while attending high school in New Hampshire. His love for the outdoors eventually led him to Prescott College to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Adventure Education. When Stephen isn’t climbing you can find him baking, playing Magic the gathering or occasionally dabbling in bike packing, rafting, or backcountry skiing. Stephan’s favorite part about Joshua Tree is the vastness and rawness of the terrain and how you can go from scrambling to caving to climbing all in one day. Stephen is full of energy and will brighten your day with his sense of humor and big laugh! 


  • Born and raised in New Jersey
  • started climbing in 2014 in NH while in high school 
  • went to Prescott college to study Environmental Sciences and Outdoor Education 
  • I like baking, boardgames (especially Magic the gathering), and longboarding
  •  favorite foods are Chicken pot pie and Ramen
  • let me know if you need more info 

Favorite climbs: Run for your life, double dip, and anything else slabby. 

What I love about the park: is the feeling of adventure that the park has. I love scrambling, caving, and climbing all to create the most creative way to get from point A to point B. The openness/rawness of the park. It lays everything out in the open, what you see is what you get. 

Things I like to do outside: mostly climbing and hiking. I dabble in bike packing, white water rafting, and backcountry skiing, but I love my warm dry sport of climbing 


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