Tyler Stockdale
Tyler Stockdale
I fell in love the moment I saw the rock formations of the Hidden Valley campground, especially Intersection Rock. I watched someone climbing Overhang Bypass and was boiling over with stoke. Now a dirtbag refugee from my days as a designer in the tech industry, Iā€™m focused on AMGA courses with the eventual goal of full rock guide certification.
My favorite day out is a long moderate multi-pitch climb, with an excess of friendly heckling at groups nearby. Moving fast over technical terrain is one of the best feelings in the world, second only to asking another guide if they need to be rescued off the 5.6 they are climbing.
When I am not climbing, thinking about climbing, photographing climbers, or sleeping upon my hoard of collected booty, you can find me painting large canvases, working on hand-drawn typography or illustrating in general.
If you ever notice a blank look in my eyes, it is safe to assume that I am plotting my way to the nearest Pho restaurant, or possibly the closest place to get a delicious bowl of ramen. Noodles are life, broth is happiness, and Siracha is an adventure.
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